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We were recently asked to look into a WLR reconciliation issue by a customer. The problem presented was that they were receiving a new event in their WLR Genius bills ‘WLR Smart Divert Premium’ along with the existing ‘WLR Smart Divert’. A few queries on the bill data confirmed that this new feature was being applied to Premium lines only with Basic continuing to receive the regular Smart Divert product and had started appearing in December 2014.

Investigations soon led here which offered up the following detail about a change to the Smart Divert product:

Feature Operative Date Connection Charge Rental Charge
Smart Divert - WLR Basic 01/01/2010 £3.50 £0.24
Smart Divert - WLR Premium 22/09/2014 £0.00 £0.00

And here:

WLR3 PSTN Premium now offers three in-tariff features (Premium Business Helpdesk, Business 2 Plus and Smart Divert), plus two bolt-on options (available at exclusive premium line discounted prices). "Businesses rely on connections and being out of touch with customers is something they cannot afford," said Hughes. "WLR Premium offers fast, prioritised repair times, call divert capabilities, dedicated service management centre support, tighter appointment slots and named engineer services."

Both of which suggest that Smart Divert is now bundled with a Premium Line. We asked the customer how they’d like to handle this change with the following options: if we ignore the Premium divert in the forward reconciliation, the regular version that is coming through the billing feed is going to flag up in reverse reconciliation. If we ignore it in the billing feed and the reconciliations, they wouldn’t be checking for Smart Divert on basic lines properly.

Did this change slip under your radar? Let us know of any reconciliation issues you've encountered recently.

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