Alpha 9 Consulting
Analysis &

Advice and guidance from industry experts. We'll analyse a range of possible solutions to help you make the right choice.

We can help you:

  • choose billing platforms, providers and carriers
  • analyse the effectiveness of tariff changes
  • determine revenue impact of bundle offerings
  • devise margin enhancements
  • reconcile carrier bills eliminating missed revenue
  • segment customers for marketing activities


With a better understanding of your customers using machine intelligence and data analysis we can help devise marketing strategies to cross sell customers products that they will actually buy.

Don't repeatedly send customers marketing material on products that they already have or will never buy.

Our innovative in bill, on portal, direct mail and email marketing solutions will help you sell more, more often.

Automation &

Reduce overheads and enhance customer experience by automating customer setup and provisioning.

Ensure your CRM, billing, customer support and supplier systems are integrated to avoid repeated entry of details by staff and the associated cost and risk of errors.

By automating your provisioning and configuration activities your customers can get real time status updates and reduce support requests.